World-class Training

You never stop learning in the Army, both personally and professionally. From trade apprenticeships to leadership training and sponsored degrees, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge to fulfil your potential in every way.

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Acquire skills for life

Learn a trade in the Army and the qualifications you gain will be recognised and respected by civilian employers. Acquire management and employment skills and they'll stand out in your CV. And throughout your time with the Army, you'll be given plenty of opportunities to expand your knowledge, take on new challenges and attain higher rank.

What are the benefits of Army training

Whether you enter the Army as a soldier or an officer, the training you receive will be a mix of lectures, book work and practical activities. The benefits you'll enjoy include:

Full salary while you study and train

Highly sought-after transferable skills

Supportive and success-driven environment

Free medical and dental care

Free sports and fitness facilities

Guaranteed job on completion / graduation

Officer training

Officer training at the Royal Military College – Duntroon prepares you to lead, mentor and inspire those under your command. You can join the Army straight from school, as a career changer, or midway through a uni course – or you can enter via a degree course at ADFA. Army training will equip you with the personal and professional skills to lead on the world stage.

Soldier training

Soldier training prepares you for Army life and work, ensuring you're fit enough to serve, while equipping you with the personal, mental and physical skills to tackle every challenge. Recruit training is followed by employment training specific to your job, after which you will start working in your role.

The learning never stops

As well as specialist training courses, the Army operates promotion courses that prepare you for your higher rank and the responsibilities and duties that go along with it. If you’re up for the challenge, the opportunities are there.

The Army also invests heavily in the ongoing personal and professional development of all personnel. You can choose to grow your skills in your existing specialisation through additional study, or you might be approved to specialise in another field.

One option is the Defence Assisted Study Scheme, which gives you time off to complete classes in your chosen course and sit exams, and pays up to 75% (course dependent) of compulsory fees.