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My Role

“It is a challenging job at times but it’s really good. I can say I drive an M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank and people go whoa!”

My Team My Team
My Team

“In a tank crew we all rely on talking to each other. Commander to loader to gunner to driver - we all work together as a team to get the job done.”

My Determination

“I honestly doubted myself a lot thinking I wouldn’t make it and I just sorted said - I got to keep going - and I kept going. I want to keep going further - get better and better.”

My Values My Values
My Values

“Courage. Initiative. Respect. Teamwork. They might just sound like words, but trust me; you actually learn all those values in the Army.”

Typical milestones of an Armoured Vehicle Crew Trooper


These FAQs might help you with what’s involved in applying and the different opportunities and pathways you can take.


How do I apply

To start your application, simply find a job you’re interested in then apply online or over the phone on 13 19 01. Online, you’ll need to set up an account on the ADF Careers website with your details and job preferences. These details will come in handy during your initial YOU session with a DFR recruiter.

What is a method of entry?

This is simply how you apply to join the Army. There are many ways to apply, based on your qualifications and experience. These include direct entry, studying for a university degree through the Australian Defence Force Academy; being sponsored to complete university through Defence University Sponsorship; or applying for Part-Time (Reserve) positions. Learn more about the different methods of entry.


Can I combine A Tertiary Education with A Military career?

Yes. The Army is a great place to make the most of your education. We'll even sponsor you to study, whether it's at the Australian Defence Force Academy or an Australian university of your choice.

  • Australian Defence Force Academy: ADFA is where the ADF educates our future leaders. Here, you'll undertake world-class military training whilst studying for a recognised degree from the University of New South Wales; and you'll be paid to study your degree.
  • Defence University Sponsorship: If you're studying an accredited degree at any recognised Australian university, the Army can sponsor your education. You'll automatically become a member of the Army and be paid a salary while you complete your degree.
  • Defence Assisted Study Scheme: This scheme gives you time off from the Army to complete classes and sit exams in any relevant university course.


What leadership roles can I Perform in the army?

Just about every role in the Army gives you the opportunity to lead. Obviously, the more experience you gain, the more opportunities you will have to lead and manage people.

If you're looking for a leadership-focused role, you can apply to become a General Service Officer and study at the Royal Military College, Duntroon. Or if you have specialist skills (including PR, legal, engineering, medicine or nursing) you may be eligible to become a Specialist Service Officer.

What skills will I gain that are useful in civilian life?

Regardless of the role you choose to pursue, the personal qualities and professional skills you gain will be invaluable if you decide to establish a career outside the Army. In particular, leadership, management and teamwork skills are developed from the moment you commence training. Other skills that you will develop include self-discipline, time management and attention to detail. For many Army jobs, the training and skills you learn will be recognised Australia-wide and you may be awarded the equivalent civilian qualifications.

The Army has established the Defence Assisted Study Scheme (DASS), which encourages members to develop professionally. DASS helps cover the costs of studying at an Australian public education or vocational training institution, which this includes public universities, institutes of technology, colleges of advanced education and secondary schools.


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