Life in the Army

There's so much more to life in the Army, with stimulating work opportunities, plenty of travel, amazing mateship, and extensive sport and leisure facilities.

Enjoy typical days Enjoy typical days
Enjoy typical days, that are always different

Ours is a unique and diverse workplace, but in some respects working for the Army can be much like being employed anywhere else. On most days you will start in the morning, work a standard day, then head home at night; but that's where the similarity with many civilian jobs ends.

You'll also enjoy different experiences that could range from helping rebuild communities devastated by a natural disaster to participating in a United Nations peacekeeping mission.

Life in the Army Life in the Army
Live in comfort

Army accommodation varies but you'll find it's always comfortable and practical. During initial training you'll live on base, giving you the opportunity to bond with fellow recruits. After that you may have the option to live on or off base in service-provided accommodation, or rent or buy locally in a suburb that suits your lifestyle with support from the Army. Either way, accommodation is subsidised.

Work in modern facilities

Depending on your role, your actual working conditions will vary greatly. You may find yourself working in a modern office or warehouse on base, in a well-equipped maintenance workshop or hangar, or under canvas on exercises and deployments.

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Eat good food and lots of it

Good food helps Soldiers perform at their peak, so the quality of the meals we serve is an Army priority. On base you'll have plenty of options to choose from, all prepared to the highest standards of nutrition and hygiene; and you'll never leave the Mess hungry.

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Be paid to stay fit

You can forget paying for gym memberships in the Army, as part of your working day is likely to involve a work-out. Most Army bases have excellent sport and fitness facilities, plus special interest clubs for activities such as rock climbing, golf, water skiing, scuba diving and sailing.

Head out or kick back

A good social life is part of the Army package, and on base it often revolves around the Soldiers' Club and Officers Mess, with their bars, TVs and activities. Some bases have cinemas and multipurpose halls too, and once through recruit training you can socialise off-base whenever you're off duty. Importantly, your family will also be welcomed into the Army community and you can expect invitations to many social events.