Quick Eligibility Check

Our needs vary by role, but if you can tick all the following boxes you’ve met the basic requirements for a career in the Army.

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I am an Australian Citizen

You need to be an Australian citizen to serve in the Army, although permanent residents may be considered for some positions.

Learn about citizenship requirements

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I am over 16.5 years old or 16 years for ADFA

These are application ages but you need to be at least 17 when you enter the Army. Min. and max. ages vary by role. You can view specific age requirements under the “Age” tab on your desired job page.

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My background can be checked

To achieve the minimum security clearance you must have lived in Australia or have a checkable background for the past ten years.

Download a copy of job-specific security requirements.

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I have passed Year 10 English and Maths

This is the minimum entry-level requirement. You can view specific education requirements under the “Education and Experience” tab on your desired job page.

Browse job pages for specific education requirements

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I have the required licences for my role

For certain roles, you may need to a hold current licence to perform your duties, such as a trade, plant, machinery or manual driver's licence.

Browse job pages for specific licence requirements

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I am reasonably fit and healthy

You'll need to pass a physical fitness test before you join, but we'll give you some tips to help you prepare.

Find out about fitness requirements and testing

If you passed:

Apply online for the role you're interested in, or browse job categories below to see what you might be interested in and apply without a preference.

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Popular FAQs

Got a question about joining the Army? If the answer's not here, click below to access all FAQs or call us on 13 19 01.

Can I have tattoos and/or body piercings?

The ADF has a strict policy on tattoos and body piercing. Tattoos and/or brands are prohibited on the faces, as may be visible in a passport photo, including the eyes and front of neck, of candidates wishing to enter the Navy, Army or Air Force. For Army candidates, tattoos are also prohibited on your hands.

Female candidates are permitted to have tattooed eyebrow forms (excluding eyeliner) providing they follow the natural arch line of eyebrows and are of a natural colour that matches the colour of the hair. Females may also have lip tattooing to enhance the outline of the lips providing it does not look unnatural.

Apart from what can be seen in a passport photo, tattoos and/or brands are permitted on other parts of the body, unless the tattoo or brand is considered offensive and undermines the dignity and authority of the Australian Defence Force.

If you have tattoos for cultural or religious reasons that are in the areas prohibited above, please be aware that ADF Careers is required to seek approval from the appropriate Service authority prior to your appointment or enlistment.

Further guidance on this policy can be received by contacting ADF Careers on 13 19 01.

What does the recruitment process involve?

A typical application process includes two separate visits to a ADF Careers Centre. At the first session, you will identify from the hundreds of ADF jobs available which ones you wish to apply for and are eligible for through an aptitude test and a discussion with a Defence Recruiter. You will also have a basic medical history review.

On the second visit, you will be required to have more comprehensive interviews with a doctor, psychologist and a senior member of the ADF (Defence Interviewer). If recommended to progress by the Defence Interviewer, Officer Entry candidates will also have to sit an Officer Selection Board, which is similar to a formal job interview.

For more information contact your nearest ADF Careers Centre.

How fit do I have to be to get in to the ADF?

Fitness requirements vary for each Service. Before you join the ADF, you will undergo a Pre-Entry Fitness Assessment (PFA). Check out the PFA requirements and training tips to help you meet them here.