Overseas applicants

The Army welcomes enquiries from current and ex-serving members of foreign defence forces who are interested in a new career and a new life in Australia.

Expressions of Interest are currently OPEN.​

The Australian Army will accept Expressions of Interest (EOI) during the periods below;

  • 1 September to 17 November 2023
  • 01 February to 16 June 2024
  • 1 September to 17 November 2024
  • 01 February to 15 June 2025
  • 1 September to 16 November 2025

Any EOI received outside of these times will not be actioned.

Your application will be managed by the Directorate of Career Management Support – Army (DCMS-A), not ADF Careers and you should expect the process to take 18 to 30 months from initial expression of interest through to your first day at work in the Army.

Am I eligible?

You'll need to meet the following criteria to apply:

  • Current serving member of a foreign military service, or left less than three years ago
  • At least five years of full-time military experience
  • Qualifications, skills and experience that can be directly transferred to the Army
  • The minimum academic and military educational standards required by the Army
  • Less than 48 years old at time of application
  • Able to demonstrate proficiency in the English language (speaking, reading, writing and listening) as defined by the International English Language Testing System

What’s the application process?
  1. Using the email form link later on this page, submit an expression of interest accompanied by a CV/resume. Upon review of your initial qualifications and circumstances you may be invited to submit a full application pack.
  2. Upon submission of your full application pack, it will be reviewed to confirm that your skills and qualifications can be readily transferred to the Australian Army in an anticipated vacancy.
  3. If you are approved to move further in the application, you will be asked to complete the following;
    1. Provide a full medical history which will be reviewed by a Doctor to confirm if you meet the necessary medical standards for the Australian Army.
    2. Undertake a psychological screening.
    3. Undertake an interview with Defence Member and Family Support
  4. Upon successful completion of the above requirements, you will be invited to attend a selection board. Pending the outcome of the selection board and applicable vacancies, a Letter of Offer may be extended.
  5. If you accept the Letter of Offer, the Australian Army will apply for an Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) Labour Agreement Stream Visa from the Department of Home Affairs for you and your dependants that will be accompanying you to Australia. See the FAQ section for more information on the Visa process.
  6. If you and your dependants successfully obtain a visa, proof that you have or will be separating from all service types (full time, reserve service etc) before the 'First entry date' listed on your visa is required. You also cannot join whilst on terminal leave.
  7. Prior to commencing work in the Australian Army you will need to obtain and hold an appropriate level of ADF security clearance and be eligible and undertake to become an Australian citizen.
  8. Immediately prior to your move to Australia, you will be required to attend an Australian Embassy or High Commission to undertake your appointment/enlistment ceremony.
  9. Upon reviewing the above information and FAQs, please follow this link to view a template which you can complete with your information and copy into an email to commence your application process. An example of a CV/Resume can be found here and should focus on your military experience.


What entry options are available?

  • General Service Officer (GSO). You’ll need to have completed a minimum level of education equivalent to an Australian Higher School Certificate (Year 12), plus a relevant level of military commissioning training.
  • Specialist Service Officer (SSO). You’ll need to have obtained a level of tertiary qualifications for your specialist area of expertise – and qualify for registration with the relevant Australian registration body/authority prior to appointment. You’ll also need to have completed a relevant level of military commissioning.
  • Other Ranks (soldiers). You’ll need to have completed a level of education equivalent to an Australian Secondary School Certificate (Year 10), plus a relevant level of basic military training.

Are there current vacancies?

It's important to note that there are many employment categories that are full at certain rank levels and are likely to remain that way for the foreseeable future. However, vacancies change on a regular basis, so your expression of interest will be welcomed as long as you meet the eligibility criteria detailed above. You'll only be invited to submit a full application if deemed to be eligible for an appropriate vacancy that arises. If at any stage during the process that vacancy then ceases to be available, your application may be delayed or cancelled but you will be notified throughout the process.

If invited to submit a full application what is required?

The key components of the electronic application pack are:

  • Civilian Education Certificates
  • Civilian Trade and Course Certificates
  • Military Trade and Course Certificates
  • Military Service History (Units and Rank/Promotions)
  • Annual Performance Appraisal Reports
  • Proof of English competency - either a valid English Language Test showing that you meet the standard of Competent English as defined by the Department of Home Affairs or your valid passport, birth certificate or citizenship certificate issued by the UK, USA, Canada, NZ, the Republic of Ireland or Australia.

How will my trade be assessed?

Your qualifications, skills and experience will be assessed to ascertain your suitability for an Army vacancy, so it’s important you provide as much information as possible. This initial assessment is carried out by subject matter experts external to DCMS-A and forms the basis of any offer that may be made later in the application process. Any documentation not in English will require ‘official and endorsed’ English translations.

What medical documentation is required?

If you are successful at trade assessment you will be asked to provide a full medical history in addition to providing the following forms. These forms will require examinations through your current applicable provider and are sued to assess your suitability to process through the application:

  • ADF Medical Entry Questionnaire
  • ADF Entry Level Medical Examination Form
  • ADF Dental Clinical Record Form
  • ADF Eye Examination Form
  • Certified copy of your full military medical and dental documents and civilian medical history (if you have left the military)

What is the selection board process?

All Selection Boards are conducted in person. Once your application has been assessed by the Trade Authority, a board preference sheet may be extended. The board preference sheet will enable you to identify your preferred board location. If you have returned all requested documentation to the standard required including the medical pack and attend a virtual interview with Defence Member and Family Support, you may be extended a board invitation. This will be sent electronically eight weeks prior to the board series commencing. All costs and arrangements to attend a selection board are at your own expense. Following the selection board you will be notified within 12 weeks of the board results.

What happens during the Defence Member and Family Support (DMFS) Interview and Psychological screening?

Once you have met the documentation requirements you will be contacted by DMFS. DMFS will discuss aspects of your personal and family situation, availability of support and general expectations of your potential move to Australia. This requirement must be completed prior to an invitation to the selection board being extended. If you have not completed the DMFS interview your selection interview will be cancelled and your application may be closed.

Once identified on a selection board you will be provided with the information needed to complete the Psychological screening.

What is the Letter of Offer?

If you have satisfied the relevant requirements, you may be extended a Letter of Offer. This is your formal job offer which you must either accept or reject within 14 days from the delegates signature. It will specify the planned hire date, employment category, rank and pay details along with initial posting details (unit and location) that you are being offered. Please note that no negotiations will be entered into regarding these details.

What is the Visa Process?

Once you have accepted your Letter of Offer, DCMS-A will sponsor you for a Subclass 186 visa from the Department of Home Affairs. You will then be provided with the Transaction Reference Number (TRN) that allows you to start the visa application process online. Subclass 186 Visa’s will be sponsored for you and your immediate family, who will be travelling with you to Australia at time of hire. Your immediate family could include your spouse or partner and dependent children under the age of 21 at time of subclass 186 visa nomination submission or dependent children over the age of 21 if recognised as a dependant with special needs as defined by the Department of Home Affairs.

Children who are over 21 at time of visa sponsorship will not be included in the Subclass 186 visa application.

If you hold Australian citizenship, and your immediate family does not, we are unable to apply for a visa for your family. Family visa submission would be your responsibility.

The Department of Home Affairs website contains all information for the visa process including anticipated processing times and eligibility requirement (including health and character requirements). The Department of Home Affairs is the sole authority on visa submissions and it is an applicant’s responsibility to understand their family situation in relation to the visa application process.