Enjoy all these benefits

Rewarding work, job stability, an adventurous lifestyle and a supportive workplace are just the start. In the Army you’ll enjoy all this too:

A competitive salary and more

Including paid training, allowances, and subsidised food and housing

Support for your health and fitness

With free dental and medical care and use of sport and fitness facilities

An inclusive team environment

With Indigenous networks and support for cultural and community events

World-class training and education

Including programs that help you reach the required education and fitness levels to join

Travel and memorable experiences

Including helping communities in need across Australia and overseas

Opportunities to lead and mentor

Gaining personal and professional skills you can take back to your community

Career Pathways for Indigenous Australians

If you show potential but would benefit from additional physical and mental preparation, you may be offered one of the alternate entry pathways below. We also offer programs for those with specific timing or location needs. But first, you’ll need to apply through the standard recruitment process (see our Ways to join page).

Indigenous Pre-Recruit Program (IPRP)

If you've been selected to join the Army and want to develop your confidence, resilience and fitness before you start, the seven-week Indigenous Pre-Recruit Program might be for you. You'll get a taste of being on a military base and leave with the fitness and skills to begin your career.

Army Indigenous Development Program (AIDP)

If you want to join the Army, this program will help prepare you to meet the education and fitness requirements for entry. It runs for 17 weeks, and you’ll be fully paid while you gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to start a career in the Army.

Recruit When Ready Recruit When Ready
Recruit When Ready

If you’re motivated to join as soon as possible, we’ll work with you to find the next available Initial Military Training course so you can kick-start your career faster.

Army Pre-Conditioning Program (APCP)

If you would benefit from additional physical and mental preparation for Initial Recruit Training, this seven-week course at Kapooka will help build your fitness, confidence and resilience.

choose where to work choose where to work
Choose where to work

If serving in a specific location is a high priority due to reasons such as family commitments, Recruit to Area could be for you.

Wherever you are located for your job, you’ll be encouraged to work closely with your community.

Story of success

Proud Aboriginal Australians and Torres Strait Islanders enjoy rewarding careers in the Army. Meet some of them here, and hear about their jobs.

Dakota, Gap Year Warehouse Assistant

“I matured pretty fast as I learnt to be independent.”

Support in the Army

Support and Guidance Support and Guidance
Support & Guidance

Your application will be handled by a specialist Indigenous Career Coach who will guide you through the process. You will be introduced to them once you have completed your initial application.

Once in the Army you can access a range of support programs, including the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mentoring program. You will receive guidance from current serving ADF members, who will help you as you begin your career. This dedicated program will continue throughout your time in the Army.

Support your community Support your community
Support your community

The skills and knowledge you gain will be of great use in your community, which we encourage you to support through returning there. This gives you the opportunity to inspire others and provide mentorship.

Defence Reconciliation Action Plan

The Australian Defence Force is committed to reconciliation and recognises the traditional owners of the lands, seas, and skies we defend.

The terms Indigenous and Indigenous Australians are used to describe all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Please be aware that this website may contain images or content relating to deceased persons. It may also contain words and descriptions that are culturally sensitive.