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Adventure outside the everyday

Take on new challenges in a unique military environment. Step outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself.

Make mates for life

Meet people from all walks of life that share your mindset. Experience the camaraderie of working in a close-knit team of like-minded people.

Training that benefits you

Build confidence, leadership and technical skills, and earn qualifications that will transfer to your everyday work and life.

Your life, plus Army Reserve

Our part-time roles are designed to fit in with your existing lifestyle and work commitments, while giving you new skills and experiences to take back to your civilian life.

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Part-time commitment

Work a minimum of 20 days or up to 100 days. The number of days you choose to work is flexible and depends on your training and if you choose to undertake deployments.

Enjoy flexibility

Whether you commit to a couple of weekends throughout the year, or a few weeks in a single block, you can get involved in a way that suits you.

Stay as long you like

With no contract duration, you can enjoy the freedom to stay as long as you want. If you leave, you can always come back when it suits your lifestyle.

Work with advanced technology and equipment

A workplace like no other

As a Reservist you’ll have the chance to step out of your everyday life and experience adventure.

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Parade nights

On Army Reserve parade nights, you can expect to refine your specific employment skills, plan ahead for exercises and maintain your soldier training. This will take place on a regular night during the week at your local unit.

Military exercises

This is where you can put the skills you’ve learned into action. In larger training exercises, you will operate alongside the full-time Army and play a valuable role.

Domestic and overseas deployments

If there’s a natural disaster, like a flood or bushfire, you might be asked to deploy to help the affected communities. Not only here in Australia, but you could also be asked to help overseas with international operations.

Discover how Army Reserve training can improve your life and career. Discover how Army Reserve training can improve your life and career.
Discover how Army Reserve training can improve your life and career

The training you receive in the Army Reserve will help you improve your civilian career and your everyday life. Improve your leadership, initiative, become a better decision maker and a better team member.

Real people. Real stories. Real people. Real stories.
Real people. Real stories.

Hear real stories from people in the Army Reserve. Learn about their lives and experiences and find out what motivated them to join.