Add an exciting extra dimension to your work and personal life

Give back to the community, develop long-lasting friendships and earn tax-free pay in a workplace unlike any other.

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Transferable skills

Use skills learned in the Army Reserve across your civilian job and personal life.

Work close to home

We have military units all over the country so you can serve close to home.

Flexibility for your lifestyle

Give from just one night a week, one weekend a month or a few weeks a year.

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A role as a Reservist can be exciting, adventurous and highly rewarding. Explore the links below and find out if the Army Reserve is right for you.

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Protecting Australia and our way of life Protecting Australia and our way of life
Protecting Australia and our way of life

The Army works with the Navy and Air Force to defend our nation, our people, our values and our way of life.

As Australia’s land force, the Army is involved in peacekeeping operations, counter terrorism initiatives and helping to rebuild communities affected by natural disasters.

The Army Reserve plays a vital role in supporting and operating alongside full-time Army personnel. Thousands of men and women make up the Army Reserve and are fully trained and ready to go when Australia needs them.

Diversity Diversity

Army Reservists come from all walks of life, bringing with them a unique blend of skills, strengths and knowledge. We welcome diversity and are committed to equality.

We encourage applications from all Australians, regardless of ethnic origin, cultural background and gender.

How to approach your employer

Currently over 1,400 supportive employers benefit from having Army Reservists in their workplace. 

The Army Reserve offers a flexible and supportive structure to ensure minimal conflict between military and civilian careers. The world-class training you receive and skills you learn will transfer to your civilian career, and won’t cost your employer anything. So your employer is already benefiting from your involvement. Your employer may also be entitled to compensation for your time away during service.

Start by being positive

Tell your employer you’re looking for a new challenge that will test and expand your skills for the benefit of the community and your country, as well as your everyday job. Let them know becoming an Army Reservist will satisfy this ambition; give them plenty of notice; and work with them to manage your Reservist commitments.

Talk about the training

Explain to your employer that the training you receive will help you be more effective at your job, by broadening your skill-set and strengthening your personal attributes.

As a Reservist you'll receive high quality government training in leadership and teamwork, plus personal and professional development that helps you become a more resilient and adaptable employee. Army training is designed to make you more positive and goal-oriented, and able to prioritise tasks and make quick, objective decisions.

Explain the personal development

Some of the enhanced skills and character traits you’ll bring to your full-time job as a result of your time with the Army Reserve will include leadership, management and teamwork skills; self-discipline and reliance, initiative, and punctuality. Again, these are attributes your employer should place great value on.

Be prepared to answer questions

  • If your employer is concerned about the commitment, reassure them that it may be as few as 20 days a year, including evenings and weekend training at your local Army Reserve unit. However, you must be honest about the upfront training which will see you spend approximately 3 weeks at Kapooka (near Wagga Wagga in NSW) during your first year of service.
  • Think in advance about how your work can be covered while you’re away, so your employer knows you care about things running smoothly in your absence.
  • If they want to know who covers your pay, tell them they may be eligible to receive compensation through the Employer Support Payment Scheme.
  • Remind your employer that people like doing business with companies that give something back. Your company’s commitment to the Army Reserve will help position them as an organisation of choice, for supporting both their employees and the national interest.

We've produced an Employer’s Information Leaflet you can download, print and give to your employer. It covers much of the information provided here.

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