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Major Bases

across Australia

Serving Personnel

including 14,000 Active Reservists

Vehicles & Aircraft

from tanks to helicopters

Our Purpose & Work
Discover what the Army does

The Australian Army is one of the world's leading military forces. Learn about our key land-based operations, our overseas engagements, our contribution to disaster relief, and our vision for the future.

Army Reserve
An exciting life beyond your day job

Make an impact with a part-time role in the Army Reserve. You can make a difference to communities in need and boost your income with tax-free pay. It's an exciting new challenge with a flexible time commitment.

Discover what gives us our technical edge

In the Army you'll be handling some of the world's most advanced weaponry and equipment, supported by formidable armoured vehicles, high-tech aircraft and sophisticated ICT systems.

See where you will work when you join us

You'll find us located right across Australia. Personnel may also be deployed to temporary facilities on combat, disaster relief, peacekeeping and aid provision operations.

People & Diversity
Read about Army recruitment policies

All Australians are welcomed into the Army, regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnic origin or cultural background. From training to employment to promotion opportunities, we are committed to equality for all.

Women in the Army
Learn about our commitment to equality

The Army offers a range of exciting career opportunities to everyone, regardless of gender. We champion gender equality and provide a uniquely supportive working environment.

Ways to join the Army
Explore opportunities for Indigenous Australians

Learn about the benefits thousands of Aboriginal Australians and Torres Strait Islanders enjoy, including financial security, rewarding work and personal development in jobs that include representing and mentoring in communities.

Learn about our traditions and proud service

Through two World Wars and service in countries such as Malaya, Korea, Vietnam, Rwanda, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan; Army personnel have made important contributions to defence and peacekeeping initiatives.